Abba Electronics

Over three decades Abba Electronics has been a turnkey solution provider and market leader in Card Personalization, Card Issuance, Secured Identity, Physical & Logical security, Access management, Mail Management, AV Systems Integration and AI & ML based Marketing Automation. The company provides quality products and services from the best known global industry leaders & technology providers. We offers timely, competitive & sustainable solutions backed by reliable after sales support. We have successfully implemented several major projects across UAE. The company has been supporting a wide span of market opportunities and has gained enormous exposure with its multiple projects & ventures.

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Key Facts

40+ large central card-issuance systems installed at card-issuance centers


Sold 3,000+ desktop card printers


Supplied 1,000,000,000+ preprinted cards


Installed 100+ embossers at financial card issuers


10+ EMV card-issuance programs implemented with 50+ personalization scripts delivered.


Installed 2,500+ classrooms with AV systems


Supplied 100,000+ digital display units


Installed 50+ PA/BGM systems

Specialized installations of experience centers, retail, kiosks and digital signage

Our Key Partners

Our Key Customers