Our Story

Ebrahim Ahmed Al Abbas, Chairman (right) and Ismail Ahmed Al Abbas, Vice Chairman (center)
Mohammed Ahmed Al Abbas, Late Chairman

Founded in 1967 in the United Arab Emirates, Al Abbas Group (AAG) has demonstrated continued growth and success across its product and service offerings. With over five decades of experience in the UAE and its neighboring countries, we have retained our position at the forefront of integrating global technologies and skills.

Drawing on its core competencies of experience, creativity, and high quality service, AAG has diversified into areas such as distribution, solution provider, real estate, food & beverage, interior fit-out and strategic communications. We strive to utilize our diverse, highly competent, and specialized teams to adapt to market conditions and best meet the needs of our clients.

In myriad ways AAG and the UAE have grown alongside, and we continue to draw inspiration from the country’s committed leadership. Having worked with government entities as well as multinational corporations and private individuals across our range of companies, we continuously endeavour to challenge ourselves and expand our reach.

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