We’re committed to pushing our boundaries and extending our reach in a perpetual quest for growth and excellence.

Solutions & Trading​

Providing comprehensive solutions in areas like office automation and IT, and engaging in trading across various sectors, with a goal to boost business efficiency, productivity, and market reach.


Ensuring a steady supply of diverse products, reaching customers exactly when and where required, to support everyday living and business operations.


Rendering a wide range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and communities, from technical support and maintenance to strategic communication and facilities management.


Producing ‘Made in the UAE’ reliable goods to cater to a range of industry needs, underscoring our commitment to improving consumer experiences.


Creating an avenue for enjoyable and fast dining experiences by managing a well-recognized fast-food brand, emphasizing prompt service, delicious meals, and customer satisfaction.


Our investment arm delves into an array of investment areas, focusing on private equity, public equity, real estate, and other investment opportunities.